The Ultimate and Authoritative Guide to Revenue Royalties

Revenue Royalties is the ultimate guide to both becoming a protected participant in the success of a company and also, as a business owner, being able to obtain growth capital without becoming a fiduciary to investors and lessening the ownership of your company,

The book is written by Arthur Lipper, chairman of British Far East Holdings, Ltd., who has compiled and freshened a large number of essays, detailing everything you need to know about investing in revenue royalties, raising capital using royalties and starting a royalty income fund.

Divided into several sections, depending on the reader's current area of interest, Revenue Royalties is an easy-to-use ebook that should be read and activity used by every serious investor, investment manager, business owner, business advisor, attorney, accountant, entrepreneur academic and entrepreneur.

At its current introductory price of $9.99 it is an outstanding value.

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